12th Night Mohawk

where does the time go??

home from Crown... the weather for Saturday was fantastic as far as I was concerned... overcast, cool.... wind was a bit annoying but it beats blazing day star anyday!!

never enough time to hang it seems... totally enjoyed the time I did get... you know who you are.

drive with Kate was great! I love roadtripping with her!!

next up, plotting how the hell to get to Grand Thing... I've posted to the lists... we'll see what happens.

I need more hours in the day and more days in the week... but not work hours, just me hours!!

okay, pumpkin time!!
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Art vs Engineering

I've always said that I've had more of an engineering brain than an art brain... that doesn't mean that I don't love making things that a lot of people consider to be art but I love the mechanics of weaving and I'm learning to like the mechanics and drafting aspects of sewing too! Free hand drawing is beyond me and I envy that skill in others. I'm having a hard time with things that are more art then drafting and trying to find the engineering aspects in them.

working on a sekrit project right now and, while I'm enjoying it, I'm finding it frustrating at times too... but I'm learning from it. Pictures to follow next week... if I can figure out uploading pics to the new laptop.
12th Night Mohawk

D4 Competition... this time with pictures!!!

the "how it all started" blurb....

I'd been pimping getting people to do largesse for Ealdormere... so our lovely Princess Gwyneth gave me shit 'cause everytime she started someone would say "oh, we're doing stuff for Dana!". It's amazing what sort of ideas you can come up with with you're getting yelled at by Royalty ;) (in seriousness she was not yelling or mad but it makes for a better story... and really, I did want to fix it 'cause I like her and I'd seen our largesse)

so the Dirty Dozen Donation Derby was created...
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and now the entries!!!!

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edited to add....

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all in all it was very well recieved, people had fun, and many people suggested that this be an annual thing!!! So I decided that each year the winner gets to host it the next year!!! Someone asked me how I'd feel about other people doing the same thing and I'm all for it!!!! Hooray for awesome largesse everywhere!!!!
12th Night Mohawk

An Tir Checky

first I'd like to say I have the awesomest people in my life! Thanks for the encouragement and advice and support!

and... all's well that ends well. Spoke with busy_b via emails and Cedric at Ursalmas and recieved permission to work with Dame Cymbric, the lady who is to be the recipient of the weaving, on something specific to her... and what I'd been creating, while it was what I'd been asked to do, is very different from what she's requested!

she'll be getting a narrower (1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches versus 3 1/2 inch) belt in silk instead of wool. I'm waiting to hear back from her if she'd prefer inkle (smooth edged checks) or tablet (choppy edged checks) weaving since she inquired as to what technique I'd be using... I've sent her pictures of both so she can decide... have to admit that I'm glad she's going to make the decision... for me it was the whole period technique/finished look debate.

I took some pictures of what I'd been working on... should have taken a picture of the cracked peg but gorilla glue heals all and the loom is up and operational and I've finished another piece during the course of my correspondence with Cymbric.

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